We started in business in 1985 as a full service tack shop
and have had an online presence since 1990.
Our business has grown from a local shop to shipping internationally.
This growth has allowed us to design and source some of our products directly,
giving our customers the ability to customize at great prices.

Having shown Arabs and Morgans, we saw a great void in the market
and set our goals to fill it. Hence where we are today.
If you have specials needs, please contact us for price quotes.
These special make-ups take time..so allow for that when ordering.

Our online business has all been word of mouth..and we have great repeat business.
We are very proud of our customer service ..
Ask a question and we actually answer it and then some.

We offer saddle fitting locally and can give advise long distance based on photos.

email us info@sackettridge.com

We are in the process of closing our Westfield Store.
We now have more time to focus on saddle fitting and web sales

cell 413-627-4030

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