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thinline sheepskin dressage
thinline sheepskin

Thinline Real Sheepskin Dressage Pad

Has pockets for shims (sold separately)

Ours $299.99

21.5" spine - 19" behind the roll - x 21" flap length

white, navy or black

This pad fits most saddles up to 18.5".

Ultra ThinLine products provide exceptional benefits for both horse and rider.
Add the best sheepskin available and you have the best saddle pad for your horse.
Reduces Rider Movement *Protects Backs * Creates Better Saddle Fit * Improves Performance
Ultra ThinLine is sewn on top of the high quality cotton with medical grade sheepskin under the panels and at the front roll.
Underneath the Ultra ThinLine layer is a pocket to insert shims to help with minor saddle fit adjustments.

You will see and feel an increased performance in how horses lift their backs.
Riders will sit closer, quieter, and will be able to do more with lighter aids.
Colors: White with White Sheepskin, Black with Black Sheepskin, Navy with Natural Sheepskin


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Made in USA

black sheepskin thinline
thinline navy sheepskin
thinline shims

Thin line Shim Inserts
Thin line 1/4" thick
Ultra Thinline 3/16" thick
sold in pairs
Pads can accommodate up to 3 sets of shims
Available for Front , Bridging $29.99 a set
Bridging $21.99 a set
Small , Medium, Large to fit pad size

Can be ordered separately or as an option when ordering a pad

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