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Shimmable Pads for Custom Fit
Made in USA

thinline sq shimmable pad

Thinline Cotton Quilted Jumping Square Pad
Has pockets for shims (sold separately)
list $160
Ours $149.99
Navy Black or White
23.5" spine - 18.5" flap

see Thinline Technology

ThinLine is the only product endorsed by Master Saddlers, Veterinarians and Surgeons for rider and horse backs health.
Clinicians and horse trainers use ThinLine for the comfort of the horse and improved equitation for riders.
Reduce Rider Movement * Protect Horses’ Backs * Improve Saddle Fit
All the best protection for you and your horses’ back in one simple saddle pad.
The ThinLine creates a spine free channel and has a pocket for shimming if you need to make minor saddle fit adjustments.
 ThinLine guarantees you and your horse will feel improved comfort, better saddle fit and protection. Sit the gaits easier!

This is the best pad for saddle slip issues.
 If your pad is slipping we recommend this single unit solution, adding secondary pads like half pads often complicate saddle fit issues.
This cotton pad with Ultra ThinLine (and pockets for shimming) will give you all the comfort, protection and fit you need.
It will stay in place and makes tacking up easy, your ThinLine is always in the right place.
Diamond quilting on the cotton gives this pad added integrity. Machine wash for easy care.

ThinLine incorporates a unique, open cell technology which moves shock, weight, and heat laterally along the pad without compressing.
The result is 95% shock absorption. The magic lies in the way ThinLine absorbs shock but allows the rider to truly feel the horses back.
 Motion is reduced by the rider and the horse and rider can work together in unison.
 Regardless of whether you are a beginner or and FEI Rider ThinLine improves comfort, communication and equitation.

The trademark open cell technology also makes ThinLine horse tack 100% breathable so heat and moisture are not trapped.
Because ThinLine doesn’t compress or slip, pressure points created by movement in the saddle
or challenges associated with working muscles are nearly eliminated.
 It also has more longevity than any other product on the market.
Many people get more than a decade out of a basic ThinLine Pad.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Made in USA

thinline shims

Thin line Shim Inserts
Thin line 1/4" thick
Ultra Thinline 3/16" thick
sold in pairs
Pads can accommodate up to 3 sets of shims
Available for Front , Bridging $29.99 a set
Bridging $21.99 a set
Small , Medium, Large to fit pad size

Can be ordered separately or as an option when ordering a pad

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