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We Do Local Saddle Fitting Within 80 Mile Radius of Westfield, Ma.
Call us to set up an appointment. 413-568-6430
Fee $175 with $50 credit towards purchase of new saddle.

PDS grande

PDS Carl Hester GRANDE Double Flap
XCH Dressage Saddle 490012
$3850 Free gullets and shipping

sizes 17" -17 1/2"- 18"

All of the features of the Grande, in a sleek monoflap version.
The ultimate for close contact, whether it is rider preference or necessity on a wider horse.
The panel does not have a front gusset, creating a closer horse to rider fit.
Ideal for horses with low to medium withers.
With ultra grippy, instantly broken in covered leather.

Come with Medium Wide gullet

Orders are 8-12 weeks
AMS® panels
Traditional style wool - and synthetic - flocked panels can bunch up,
causing hot spots and uneven pressure.

As time goes by, this panel requires constant adjustments
and reflocking because of shifting experienced during use.

® System has been designed to allow a perfect union between horse and rider.

This system eliminates hot spots by dispersing any pressure
variances of the flocking within the panels,
thanks to the exclusive pressure stabilizing neoprene layer.

The neoprene layer provides a soft, consistent layer to support the
rider's weight on the back of the horse.

This layer will absorb impacts and distribute pressure evenly
for maximum comfort and freedom of movement for your horse.

Saddles with AMS
® panels can be re-flocked and fitted to your horse,
just like traditional wool flocked panels.

Demo's Available Upon RequestDemo's Available Upon Request

pds gullets

XCH Gullets 468000
The rider can modify the width of the tree using any of our
interchangeable gullet plates with on a screwdriver.

Narrow, Medium, Medium Wide, Wide, Extra Wide
Reg $45 with saddle
first 2 gullets free with saddle add in memo area
(order with saddle as option)

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