Arabian and Morgan Show saddles by Circle Y, Billy Royal
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How to do a Saddle Tracing

We Do Local Saddle Fitting Within 50 Mile Radius of Enfield, Ct.
Call us to set up an appointment. (413)627-4030
Fee $175 with $50 credit towards purchase of new saddle.
Call for quote beyond 50 miles.
You can always send us tracings and photos for advise on fit
How to Make Horse Tracing

Need flexible curve (buy at most craft stores or online)

Stiff paper

chalk or tape

arab show saddle 5735
where to measure horse
You will mold flexible curve approximately where shown in diagram

1 right behind shoulder (find scapula and trace 3 fingers behind it)
2 lowest point in back
3. right behind
last thoracic vertebrae (which you can feel in front of hip)
Last measurement is top line

Mask sure you horse is on level ground.
Trace your flexible curve on stiff paper, being careful not to lose curve shape. Trace in inside of curve.
Mark tracing as to which #.

You can also do more tracings, just be sure to mark distance apart on tracing.

Send to
Sackett Ridge Saddlery
405 Gardners Way
Enfield, Ct 06082

Email photos of horse.

Here are helpful angles

Side View with head up

side view with head up

Back View

back view

View of Chest

front angle
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